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1775 Assessment Roll of
Orange County, NY
Information compiled by
Thomas Cornell

The information for the 1775 Assessment Rolls of Orange County, New York was obtained from "History of Orange County, New York " by E.M. Ruttenber and L.H. Clark, 1881, reprinted by Heart of the Lakes Publishing, Interlaken, NY, 1980, available in three volumes including a full name index from the Orange Co. Genealogical Society, 101 Main Street, Goshen, NY 10924.  Ruttenber & Clark comments about the importance of the 1775 Assessment Roll as an early record of the country history especially given the destructive fire which consumed the town clerk's office in 1842.

The following descriptions of the 10 assessment districts have been slightly edited from the original.  Also included is an overall summary with the names of the assessors.  Ruttenber & Clark and their sources are the originators of this information but any such descriptions, some 100 years later without the original records can only be an approximation.  I make no representation of knowing what they mean,  I defer entirely to them for its content and accuracy.  My intent is  make the Ruttenber & Clark assessment roll available to other researchers who don't have ready access to it.

District No. 1 comprised the "West Division" of Goshen, Golden Hill, Carpenter's Corners and a tract along the present boundary of Hamptonburgh; also the "East Division," a section east of Purgatory Swamp, and that part of the present village of Goshen north of Church Street.
District No. 2 included a section of the present town of Warwick extending north and south from below Florida at some point to Amity, taking in also the Bellvale neighborhood and the settlements in the vicinity of what is now New Milford and the village of Warwick.

District No. 3 evidently consisted of the triangle bounded north by the " old county line," easterly by the Shawangunk Mountains, and  southwesterly by the Delaware River, in other words, the southern portion of Deerpark, comprising the present territory of Port Jervis and its vicinity.

District No. 4 in the old precinct of Goshen includes other territory than the town of Chester. The district may be described somewhat in general terms as comprising East Chester, extending to Satterly Town, and including the Gray Court neighborhood; also West Chester, the families along the Somerville road, including the Conklingtown neighborhood in Goshen, and extending to Fort Hill.

District No. 5is described as comprising the territory in the vicinity of Wickham's Pond, including Bellvale Valley. The boundaries between this and the other Warwick district are not very clear from this testimony, as Bellvale is thus mentioned in each; but the Bellvale neighborhood was of considerable extent, and may have been divided by the line of the assessment districts.

District No. 6, in the Goshen Precinct. We have no official description of its boundaries, as the books of Goshen Precinct were destroyed by fire. Joshua Davis was the assessor, and he resided a mile or more south of Slate Hill, on the well known homestead; but the name of Mr. Davis is included in another assessment roll, showing that he did not reside in the district which be appraised. It is evident that district 6, which we give below, began somewhat south of  Mr. Davis' residence, and included a small portion of Wawayanda, with most or all of the territory of the present town of Minisink.   Possibly there may be names then belonging to what is now the vicinity of Centre Point, in the southeastern portion of the town of  Greenville.
District No. 7 included the village of Goshen, southwest of Church Street, and including a considerable portion of the present town to the south. It does not, however, include the extreme southern portion of the present town which was in district No. 9, comprising the Florida neighborhood.
District No. 8 was evidently the southwestern, or more correctly, perhaps, the western portion of the present town of Warwick, the neighborhood of Mount Eve, Amity to Pine Island, and to the New Jersey line, consisting in all of quite a portion of the fertile 17,000 acre tract.
District No. 9 comprised evidently the southern portion of the present town of Goshen, the Florida neighborhood of Warwick, and southward to the vicinity of Mount Eve, where, as already shown, another district commenced. This district included an extensive portion of the valuable Drowned Lands, rich, fertile, and attractive to the early settlers.

District No. 10 was the rich Dolsentown neighborhood, comprising most of the town of Waywayanda, perhaps extending eastward across the Wallkill and including a portion of the present territory of Goshen, also extending westward to include any settlers in the north and northeast portions of Greenville.

Summary of 1775 Orange Co. Assessment Roll:
District Assessor L.-s.-p
1.  Abel Gale, estimate 381-8-5
2. John Hathorn 544-7-9
3. Abraham Van Auken 203-13-1
4. Nathaniel Roe 394-5-0
5. John Wood  283-6-11
6. Joshua Davis 155-17-6
7. John Steward 535-12-5
8. Ebenezer Owen 201-18-3
9. John McCamly  304-19-0
10. James Little 186-17-6
Total  3192-0-10
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The Orange County NYGenweb extends its appreciation to Thomas Cornell for sharing his compilation of the 1775 Assessment Rolls of Orange County with our readers.

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