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Visit the Orange County Genealogy Society's web page for these and other publications. While I will seek to keep the prices current, please be advised that: all prices are subject to change.



EARLY ORANGE COUNTY WILLS (1731 - 1830) Two volumes in one, this photo-duplication of the two most widely used Orange County NY research aids puts 450 pages of solid genealogy at your fingertips.  Vol. 1 (63 pages) is an abstract of all names found in Orange and Ulster County wills filed in New York City between 1731 and 1788.  It includes an index of wills and an every name index.  Vol. 2 (387 pages) contains abstracts of all names and relationships found in wills that were filed between 1787 and 1830 in the Orange County Surrogate's Office.  An every name index is included and Revolutionary Soldiers are noted. Two appendixes are included listing un-filed wills at the Surrogate's Court and a few wills proved in the Court of Common Pleas  1997, hard cover, 470 pages.   $35.00

(1847)  HISTORY OF ORANGE COUNTY by Samuel W. Eager.  The earliest of the three major histories has been reprinted by the Orange County Genealogical Society after painstakingly revising the every name index to now include almost 4,000 more entries than any previous version.  This handsome volume will include this index as well as a slightly revised subject index to bring the total pages to 768. This reprint will make an excellent compliment to the Society's other two major histories that we also offer for sale. 1847 (1995) reprint, hard cover, indexed 768 pages. $30.00

 A HISTORY OF ORANGE COUNTY, NEW YORK (with illustrations and biographical sketches of the pioneers and prominent men)  by E.M. Ruttenber and L.H. Clark.  This 2 volume reprint of the original 1881 oversized single volume is crammed full of Orange County history and genealogy.  Each town is thoroughly discussed as well as many other subjects relative to the history of Orange County. A separate every name index is sold separately below.  1988 (1881), re-print, 2 volume set, hard cover , 820 pages. - $79.00

INDEX TO RUTTENBER AND CLARK'S HISTORY OF ORANGE COUNTY, NY by the Orange County Genealogical Society.  This every name index will work equally well with the reprint above or the original 1881 edition.  1979, hard cover, 262 pages.  $24.00

PORTRAIT AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD OF ORANGE COUNTY, NEW YORK  by the Chapman Publishing Company.  This long overdue reprint contains over 1,100 biographical sketches of Orange County families taken in the late 1800's.   The first 116 pages have been omitted in this reprint as they merely contain Presidential information used as a filler in many such volumes throughout the country.  A surname index has been added to this 3 volume reprint.  1895 (1995) reprint, soft cover, 3 Vol., c1475 pages  $89.00

THE HISTORY OF ORANGE COUNTY, NEW YORK  by Russel Headley. Originally published in 1908, this work contains over 1260 pages of history, biography, portraits and illustrations.  The original oversized book has been reprinted into a convenient 2 volume set plus a matching index sold separately below.  The extensive history section discusses localities and events in great detail.  This is followed by a large biographical section with many references to earlier generations.  Portraits and illustrations are located throughout the book and a brief listing of subjects, biographies and portraits is located at the end.  1993 (1908), reprint, 2 volume set, hard cover, 1262 pages. $59.00

Orange County Genealogical Society.  This is a matching volume to the above reprint and will work equally well with the 1908 original edition.  It contains all names listed in the 1262 pages of the history. 1993, hard cover, 126 pages $10.00

PIONEER FAMILIES OF ORANGE COUNTY  by Martha & Bill Reamy.  This is a unique approach to Orange County research whereas the authors have scanned multiple books relating to Orange County and extracted genealogical information. Surnames are alphabetically arranged and the code for the book from which it came is given.  Small sections on Earliest Settlers, Earliest Churches, Geographic Locations and Military Rosters are given. Indexed. 1993, soft cover,318 pages.  $39.00 

PATENTS HELD IN 1785 AT YELVERTON'S BARN, CHESTER  from original records (Now Lost!) in the Clerk's Office of Orange County.  This work was originally published  in 1915 and contains testimony of many people  living in Orange County in 1785, sometimes giving age, birth date, or length of residence in Orange County.  This is also just plain interesting reading.  1915, photocopy, 35 pages, index.  $6.00

FOOTPRINTS IN THE RAMAPOS by Marjorie Smeltzer-Stevenot.  The Orange County Genealogical Society has made an authorized reproduction of this well sought after research aid at a new low price. This work is intended for the reader who would like to know more about life in the Ramapo Mountains before the evidence was stripped away this century by the Palisades Interstate Park.  An appendix listing the Iron Mines in the State Parks and another detailing Place Names for the area, old and new, make this an excellent research aid for both Historians and Genealogists. Sources are cited. 1998 (1993), reprint, soft cover, 113 pages, added index.  $12.50 - OUT OF STOCK

OLD BURYING GROUNDS WITHIN HARRIMAN AND BEAR MOUNTAIN STATE PARKS by Majorie Smeltzer-Stevenot. The Orange County Genealogical Society has made an authorized reproduction of this well sought after research aid at a new low price.  Majorie has given us insight into the lives of these old pioneers and then provided exact locations for and readings from these many burial grounds within these state parks of Orange and Rockland Counties.  1998 (1992), reprint, soft cover, 106 pages, added index.  $9.50 - OUT OF STOCK

THE WHIG PRESS MARRIAGE NOTICES 1851 - 1865 by George and Virginia Gardner.  The Whig Press was the first local paper printed in (but not limited to) Middletown, NY and it became The Orange County Press in 1866. Over 15,000 entries are alphabetically arranged containing the date and place of marriage, issue of the newspaper where found, and many cross references.  1986, soft cover, 234 pages.   $18.00

THE WHIG PRESS DEATH NOTICES 1851 - 1865 by George and Virginia Gardner. The Whig Press covered a large area of Orange County before it finally became The Orange County Press in 1866.  Over 10,000 entries alphabetically arranged listing all genealogical information and also the issue of the newspaper where found. 1978, comb binding, 158 pages.  $18.00

1850 Map of Orange County Northeast  Quarter   $4.00
1850 Map of Orange County Northwest Quarter  $4.00
1850 Map of Orange County Southeast Quarter$4.00
1850 Map of Orange County Northwest Quarter  $4.00
1840 Map of Orange and Rockland Counties$4.00


WHERE IS CRAIGVILLE?  by Helen R. Predmore.  A description of an industrial center located in Blooming Grove between Chester and Washingtonville.  Many families of the area are discussed along with the area's development.  Schools and churches with lists of members given. 1962, photocopy, 32 pages.  $5.50

1864 Map of Hamptonburgh and Blooming Grove Townships   $4.00


CHESTER, NY ---- A HISTORY by S.J. Levy.  This popular detailed history of the Chester area has been out of print for over 50 years.  Hundreds of names were omitted in the original index which has been totally replaced by a complete version.  This is a must have for anyone researching this area of Orange County.  1998 (1947) Reprint, 130 pages, soft cover, index. $12.00

DURLAND'S CHESTER BRIEF-LETS being 2 great pamphlets by Frank Durland combined here for convenience and economy.    EARLY CHESTER AND IT'S SETTLEMENT -- the original pamphlet from which this is copied contains an outline history of Chester, New York and a brief history of Chester School and the Old Chester Academy. YELVERTON INN This pamphlet is a perfect compliment to Mr. Durland's other work about Chester.  It contains a brief history of this famous inn (still standing) in Chester which was the scene of the trial of the notorious Wawayanda vs. Cheesecocks case held during May to October 1785. 1934 & 1926, photocopy, 28 pages, index. $5.00

CEMETERIES OF CHESTER, NY by the Orange County Genealogical Society. The first in our series of cemetery inscriptions and records  with an index, location maps, and directions.  1980, soft-cover, 142 pages.  $14.00


CORNWALL [ IN ORANGE COUNTY, NEW YORK ] by Lewis Beach.  Originally printed in 1873, this fact-filled account of the historic township has been reprinted for the first time.  It's major focus is the geography, resources, and other attributes of this township from its earlier times to the contemporary 1873.  Cornwall originally included today's Cornwall, Highlands, Blooming Grove, and Monroe, and parts of Chester and Hamptonburgh making the early history encompass much of the county.  An added every-name index now unlocks  those names that have long been buried in the text.  1998 (1873), reprint, soft cover, 210 pages, new added index.  $19.50 

1864 Map of New Windsor and Part  of Cornwall Townships  $4.00

1873 Map of Cornwall Township  $4.00


1863 Map of Crawford Township - $4.00.

DEERPARK Including City of Port Jervis

See also Minisink

THE HISTORY OF DEERPARK by Peter E. Gumaer.  Originally published in 1890,  this is one of the best sources of Deerpark history and genealogy.  The old families of the early settlements are covered in detail by an author living close to the source.  An all new and revised index has been supplied by the Society. 1994 (1890), soft cover, 221 pages. $23.50

MINISINK VALLEY:  REFORMED DUTCH CHURCH RECORDS  by the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society.  This covers the years 1716 1903 and includes part of the records of the Minisink, Walpeck and Machackemack Churches that were tran-scribed in the very early part of the century and published around 1913.  It includes baptisms, marriages and lists of church members.  1997 (1913), reprint, soft cover, 395 pages.  $30.50

DEERPARK (OR MACHACKE-MACK) REFORMED DUTCH CHURCH by Jean Worden.  This unique book  contains Baptisms 1716 - 1827 and Marriages 1737 - 1759, 1762 - 1825.  Membership Lists 1745 - 1767 as well as Gravestone Inscriptions.  This volume also includes Old Deerpark Days which were Genealogical Notes prepared by W.H. Nearpas and formerly published in "Church Life" magazine in the early 1900's.  A full name index is included.    Soft cover, perma-life 8 1/2 by 11 paper,  370 pages.  $45.00

PORT JERVIS INDUSTRIAL RE-CORDER, VOL. 2, JULY 1902.  This particular issue of this periodical features an illustrated review of Port Jervis business interests with some biographical sketches  1902, photocopy, 42 pages.  $5.00

PORT JERVIS DIAMOND JUBILEE 1907-1982 A booklet about the city's history, organizations and points of interest. 1982,softcover,140 pages.  $1.50

1875 Map of Town of Deerpark Property Owners  $4.00
1875 Map of Port Jervis Property Owners and Businesses  $4.00


THE EARLY RECORDS OF THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  IN GOSHEN, N.Y. 1767 - 1885  by Charles Coleman.  This reprint is one of the most widely used church references for Goshen and the surrounding area.  It contains some of the earliest existing Orange County church records.  1990 (1935), reprint, soft cover, 215 pages.  $23.50

EARLY RECORDS OF ST. JAMES EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF GOSHEN, N.Y.  by the Orange County Genealogical Society.  This work contains more than 1200 Baptisms (1799-1911), 300 Marriages (1814-1911) and 600 Funerals (1817-1911).  A surname index is included. 1992 (1985), comb binding, 195 pages.  $20.00

1861 Map of Goshen Township  $4.00
1843 Map of Town of Goshen   $4.00


CEMETERIES OF HAMPTON-BURGH, NY by the Orange County Genealogical Society.  This is the second in our series of cemetery records and inscriptions with an index, maps and directions.  1980, soft cover, 80 pages.  $5.00

1864 Map of Hamptonburgh and Blooming Grove Townships  $4.00


1880 Map of Hudson Highlands Land Owners  $4.00


See also Deerpark

HISTORY OF THE MINISINK REGION by Charles E. Stickney.  The Minisink Region includes the present Towns of Minisink, Deerpark, Mt. Hope, Greenville and Wawayanda, New York.  This book was originally published in 1867.  It gives a general outline history of the region and devotes a section to each of these towns and some of the early families.  An absolute must for anyone doing research in this area.  1989 (1867), reprint, hard cover, index, 211 pages.  $22.50

CEMETERIES OF THE TOWN OF MINISINK, NY  by the Orange County Genealogical Society.  Third in our series of cemetery records and inscriptions with an index, maps and directions.  1988, soft cover, 150 pages.  $14.00


CHRONICLES OF MONROE IN THE OLDEN TIME by Daniel N. Freeland.  This is a reprint of the original 1898 publication with additions, corrections, and notations that have now been placed at the end of  the text. An every name index has been added which also includes these additions. Out of print for many years, this long awaited reprint is a necessary research aid for those researching this area.  1997 (1898), soft cover, 270 pages.  $22.00 

HISTORY OF THE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, MON-ROE, NEW YORK edited by Mrs. C. Arthur Brooks.  This book was originally published in 1956. Marriages, baptisms, membership lists, church officers and other details are included from 1784 through 1951.  This is an exact reproduction of the original work to help make this valuable research tool more readily available to researchers.  1994 (1956), comb binding,  424 pages, index.   $27.00


1850 CENSUS OF THE TOWN OF MONTGOMERY, NEW YORK by Ralph H. Weller. A complete transcription of the National Archive film of the Census Records, complete with an every name index.  An absolute must for those researching Montgomery in this time period.  1992, comb binding, 124
pages.  $12.00

ABSTRACTS OF RECORDS FROM THE MONTGOMERY, BRICK REFORMED CHURCH by Jean Worden, and with her permission now reproduced in quantity by the Orange County Genealogical Society. This long time popular book contains Baptisms 1734 - 1840 and Marriages 1734 - 1849 with a full name index.    Soft cover,  8 1/2 by 11 paper,  214 pages.     $20.00

CHURCHYARD RECORDS OF THE GOODWILL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (MONTGOMERY, NY)  Arranged alphabetically by surname, this book is the result of copied church records combined  with tombstone records copied in 1909.  1959, soft cover, about 60 pages.  $7.50


See also Newburgh

HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF NEW WINDSOR  by Edward M. Ruttenber.  After the death of Mr. Ruttenber, the Historical Society of Newburgh Bay and the Highlands edited his manuscript history of this very historical town.  It covers the years up to 1870, even though it was published in 1911.   Besides the fact filled history, this work contains biographical sketches of prominent citizens and civil lists. The original subject index has been revised and the original incomplete name index has been replaced with a new every name index unlocking much information that has been inaccessible for 85 years.   1997 (1911), soft cover, 224 pages, index.  $22.00 

1864 Map of New Windsor and Part  of Cornwall Townships  $4.00



Being A Collection Of Gathered Church and Cemetery Records From The Historical Papers Of Newburgh Bay And The Highlands from 1896 through 1947 plus Morrison's 1909 Little Britain Cemetery Inscriptions. Arranged and completely indexed by the Orange County Genealogical  Society,  in addition to Little Britain Cemetery, the records from Newburgh Bay Historical Papers include New Windsor Presbyterian Church Records, Bethlehem Presbyterian Church Records,  Newburgh Circuit Methodist Episcopal Church Records, New Windsor Cemetery, Gardnertown M.E. Cemetery, Bethlehem Cemetery, Berea Cemetery, Eager Cemetery, Belknap Cemetery, Balmville Cemetery, St. David's Cemetery,  Colden Cemetery, Patton Cemetery, Bond Cemetery, Decker Cemetery.  Never before have these useful records been organized at you fingertips.  1997, soft cover, 246 pages, indexed.  $20.50

Being A Collection Of Gathered  Cemetery Records From The Historical Papers Of Newburgh Bay And The Highlands from 1896 through 1947 plus the Society's publication of Saint Patricks Catholic Cemetery in Newburgh and more.  This new volume has been arranged and completely indexed by the Orange County Genealogical  Society.  In addition to Saint Patrick's cemetery, these records from Newburgh Bay Historical Papers include the records from the Old Town Cemetery including some biographical notes that was omitted in Volume One. Inscriptions from the two Rossville Cemeteries
located on Rt. 32 north of Newburgh have also been added.  With this second volume, all the published vital records from this Newburgh Historical Society are now available to the public in an organized fashion. 1997, soft cover, 228 pages, indexed.  20.00

1798 - 1850 TOGETHER WITH THE MARRIAGES OF THE REV. JOSEPH McCARRELL 1823 - 1864 by Ralph H. Weller.   These records were transcribed, typed and indexed by Mr. Weller in 1981 with a very few copies being distributed to local libraries.  The Meadow Hill Reformed Church has graciously allowed it's reproduction. Indexed. 1993, reprint, comb binding, 134 pages.  $12.00

1864 Map of Newburgh Township  $4.00

Including City of Middletown

MIDDLETOWN -- A BIOGRAPHY by Franklin B. Williams.  This 1928 history of this important Orange County city was long overdue in its day.  It is detailed and fact filled and now for the first time an every name index of over 3100 names arranged by Dan Burrows and Helen Benjamin has been added to make it easier for the researcher. 1999 (1928), reprint, soft cover, 230 pages.  $20.00



WARWICK HISTORICAL PAPERS arranged and indexed by the Orange County Genealogical Society in co-operation with the historical society.  The 3 major books of the Town of Warwick Historical Society printed in 1914, 1933, and 1950 have been ar-ranged in to one reprint and completely indexed plus an extensive table of contents and list of photographs.  It contains important articles of events in Warwick's history, several biographies, obituaries of  members, family notes, marriage records, and most important to the genealogist are the transcriptions of many family and private burial grounds.  Anyone research this area of the county will not want to be without these long out of print publications.  1998 (1914, 1933, 1950), reprint, soft cover, 350 pages with photos,  index.  $25.00

1850 CENSUS -- TOWN AND VILLAGE OF WARWICK, NEW YORK  by Helen Benjamin and Virginia Gardner.  This contains all the information extracted from the National Archive film of the Census Records with a surname index.  1975, comb binding, 156 pages.  $12.00

HISTORY OF THE AMITY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH by Carrie Timlow Feagles.   Originally published in 1945, this useful work has been long out of print.  It contains a History of the Church, baptisms and lists of members up to about 1864 and much other useful genealogical information. 
An added index by Helen Benjamin now gives you  easy access to its contents. 1994 (1945), comb binding, 122 pages, index.  $12.00 

1805 Map of the Warwick Valley   $4.00
1863 Map of Warwick Township   $4.00


THE RECORDS OF THE RIDGEBURY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH WITH INSCRIPTIONS OF NEARBY CEMETERIES AND OTHER GENEALOGICAL NOTES by William Coulter, Mary Flynn and Helen Benjamin.  The title speaks for itself and the work is a photo-duplication of Mr. Coulter's 1954 typescript plus an appendix by Miss Mary Flynn listing Church Members 1901 - 1966.  A useful every name index by Helen Benjamin has been added.  Ridgebury is a small hamlet located in the Town of Wawayanda.  1992, comb binding, 122 pages.  $12.00


YE OLDE COFFEE GROUNDS by Marjorie Smeltzer-Stevenot.   Nearly 200 years ago, John Coffee laid out a cemetery for his family on his farm in the lush Lower Clove (Central Valley).  His son-in-law George Galloway carried on the family tradition.  A broad approach to cemetery research, this book sketches the history of the area from the Cheesecock Patent, describes the local school and churches, and traces the ownership of the land from John Coffee to E.H. Harriman.  It explores stories behind the gravestones and breathes life into forgotten names.  Genealogical tables identify nearly 300 descendants of the cemetery's occupants -- Coffee, Galloway, Dickerman, Goff and related surnames.  Easy reading and ocumented.  1994, soft cover, 68 pages.  $12.50


1860 GAZETTEER OF NEW YORK STATE  by J.H. French.  This long time popular New York State research aid gives exact descriptions of each area, town, village or county and loads of other useful information with notes on early settlement.  A locality index is included and in this present edition an every name index is now included at the end of the book.  1998 (1860), reprint, hard cover, added index, 926 pages. $59.00. 

1839 Map of New York City Area   $4.00


Note: All prices are subject to change.

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