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Early Marriage Records of the
First Presbyterian Church at Goshen

The following is a listing of some of the early marriages recorded at the First Presbyterian Church of Goshen. The list was compiled by Charles C. Coleman of Goshen, New York.   The index was published by the The Democrat Printing Co., Goshen, NY.  The introduction page by  Charles C. Coleman is dated March 1, 1933. 
Record of Marriages - 1784
Date Groom Bride Remark
01/01/1784 Rogers, Daniel G. Wilkins, Elizabeth

Boyd, Samuel Tuttle Mehitabel This marriage had not date it was listed between  01/11/1784 and 01/11/1784
01/08/1784 Vail, David Smith, Elizabeth
01/11/1784 Hulse, James Denny, Phebe
01/14/1784 Tuthill, Jonathan Wadkins, Sarah
01/28/1784 Denton, Samuel Roe, Juliana
01/29/1784 Swort-Hout, Aaron Wells, Lydia

Yongs, Henry Howell, Deborah This marriage has no date, it is listed between Jan 1 and Feb 2, 1784
02/02/1784 Fry, Abiel Owen, Abigail

Sullivan, George Traverse, Sarah This marriage has no date, it is listed between Feb 2, and Feb 13, 1784
02/13/1784 Walker, William Neely, Jane
02/19/1784 Raner, Samuel Brown, Fanny
03/04/1784 Reed, Moses Symons, Agnes
03/13/1784 Winam, Ichabod Drake, Elizabeth
03/15/1784 Landon, Laban Gillis, Elizabeth
03/30/1784 Howell, Benjamin Webster, Sarah
04/19/1784 Horton, Samuel Hulse, Mehatable
06/17/1784 Jackson, Enoch Armstrong, Mary
07/26/1784 Oakly, John Holly, Mary
08/09/1784 Terry, Uriah Peirson, Elizabeth
08/26/1784 Garner, Jesse Carpenter, Martha
09/08/1784 Shippy, William Westover, Naomi
09/14/1784 Jenings, Benjamin Jenings, Mary
10/25/1784 Drake, Benjamin Roe, Elizabeth
12/02/1784 Webb, Joseph Cooper, Esther
12/06/1784 Dains, David Borland, Phebe
12/14/1785 McHenry, Thomas Reed, Mary This marriage was listed directly after Dec 6, 1784 and right before Jan 11, 1785. The date written was Dec 14, 1785,  possible year mistake.
Record of Marriages - 1785
Date Groom Bride Remark
01/11/1785 Couly, Freegift Little, Experience

Gidney, William Knap, Elizabeth This marriage was listed after Jan 11 but before Feb 24th, 1785
02/24/1785 Hart, Andrew Trimpon, Elizabeth
02/28/1785 Cunningham, Archbald Kimble, Phebe

Bennet, Abraham Shults, Lydia This marriage has no date, it is listed between March 1 and March 2, 1785

Crawford, Samuel Gallispy, Margarett This marriage has no date, it is listed between March 1 and Mar 2, 1785
03/01/1785 Falls, William Davies, Elsy
03/02/1785 Bruyn, Cornelius Morris, Sarah
03/17/1785 Johnson, Peter Lackey, Isabel
03/31/1785 Goldsmith, Elisha Dunning, Sarah
04/04/1785 Craig, Francis Forsythe, Anna
04/06/1785 Bush, Henry Wilkison, Esther
04/19/1785 Smith, William Newkirk, Rachel
04/21/1785 Dobbins, Anthony Jones, Hannah
04/28/1785 Bell, John Maypes, Keziah
05/23/1785 Smith, Benjamin Kearney, Catherine
05/30/1785 Janson, Cornelius Morris, Christian
06/12/1785 Seward, John Butler, Mary
08/14/1785 Boials, George Samson, Rachel
08/25/1785 Eager, William Slott, Elizabeth
09/16/1785 Arnold, William Hopper, Elizabeth
10/13/1785 Blanchard, Ephriam Rogers, Mary
10/16/1785 More, John Hulse, Mary
10/30/1785 Thompson, James Tucker, Keturah
11/03/1785 Cory, Allexander Wells, Martha
11/24/1785 Poff, Peter Imbler, Mary
12/16/1785 Graham, William Moffat, Mary
12/29/1785 Smith, John Little, Esther
Record of Marriages - 1786
Date Groom Bride Remark
01/17/1786 Saybolt, Frederick Reeve, Abigail

Tuthill, Jonathan Harlow, Mary Marriage has no date, listed between Jan 17 and Feb 9, 1786
02/09/1786 Curtis, Thomas Coleman, Juliana

Eager, William Watkins, Elizabeth Marriage has noe date, listed between Feb 9 and Feb 23, 1786
02/23/1786 Coddington, Joseph Mott, Unis
03/11/1786 Morris, Robert Ludlum, Francess
03/13/1786 Plummon, William Hull, Sarah
04/13/1786 Bull, Charles Mains, Elizabeth

Porter, Erastus Denton, Hannah Marriage has no date, listed between Apr. 13 and Apr 27, 1786
04/27/1786 Reeve, Joshuah Haff, Abigail
05/14/1786 Polley, Hugh Polley, Jane
06/08/1786 Peirson, Silas More, Abigail
06/15/1786 Allison, Stephen Brunson, Suzanah
06/20/1786 Cooke, William Howell, Mary
07/28/1786 Decker, Martin Odell, Hannah
08/17/1786 Tucker, John Soper, Anna
08/21/1786 Ludlow, Peter R. Beekman, Christian
09/03/1786 Bull, Thomas Gale, Sarah
09/14/1786 Moore, Benjamin Gillis, Hannah
10/15/1786 Volentine, Ananias Meeker, Elizabeth
10/31/1786 Goldsmith, Caleb McWilliams, Elizabeth
11/09/1786 Harden, Stephen Ray, Jane
11/19/1786 Oldfield, William Avery, Mary Goshen
11/22/1786 Fairchild, Eleazar Weeks, Elizabeth
11/26/1786 Schenkling, Jeremiah Reeves, Hannah
12/03/1786 Coleman, Isaac Smith, Martha
12/07/1786 Jennings, Benjamin Smith, Sarah
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