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Cornwall High School
Class of 48-49

Photograph provided courtesy of Nalora Burns

Starting Front to back, left to right.

Row 1: Buster PERRY, Larry SMITH, Sarah HALL, Joan SCHMIT, Polly GIBB,
       Nancy RIDDELL, Alice ORMARO, Phyllis MCCULLOUGH, Leona REDFERN
       Jean DAY, Richard OVALRANEN [?], Jack BANNING

Row 2: Robert PRIMAVERA, Barbara WEYGANT, Fred GRESS, Bill DIXON, Bob ZOLDER,
       Warren MILLER, Kenneth GRAY, Bob RUPP, Jeanne SCONDRETT [?],
       Garrett WEEKS[?], Stanley DANIE.

Row 3: Mrs. KETCHUM, Myrtle GERTAN, Dolores BARLEY, Carol MOORE, Alma BABCOCK,
       Rosemary VON LEWMAN[?], Dot WARD, Nancy KITE, Miss HENNESEY.

Row 4: Fred HOWARD, Fred BRYUN, Donald RYSDALE[?], Gene GOLDSMITH,
       Bob SCHOONMAKER [?], Harold MCMAHAN.

Note: The mother of Nalora Burns, Dolores BARLEY is in the third row, and she was 13 years old at the time this picture was taken.

Photograph Library

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