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Roloson Family Bible
by Dan Burrows

Roloson Family Bible
         The following abstract was made by Daniel H. Burrows of Otisville, NY on 26 May 1996 from a Bible that was purchased at a garage sale from the Ferguson family of Greenville. All bible entries are verbatim.

Found in a Roloson Family Bible measuring about 8 1/2 by 11 inches with a 1819 date of publication:


Peter Roloson - ly 4th 1783
Rachel Roloson - November 29 1783 (No doubt his wife, see marriages that follow)
Claricy (?) Vansickel - November 30th 1833
Samuel W. Vansickel - May 21 1836
Mercy Roloson born February 8th 1804
Eliza Roloson born June 27th 1806
Sarah Roloson born November 30th 1808
Mary Roloson born April 6th 1811
Johnson Roloson born October 27th 1813
Juliana Roloson born September 24th 1816
Peter Roloson born July 18th 1819
Thomas Roloson born January 28th 1823
Phebe Maria Roloson born December 5th 1844
Aaron D. Roloson born April 25th 1848
Jesse P. Roloson born April 21st 1852
Alfred C. Roloson born May 16th 1856
(The last 4 children probably children of Thomas N. and Phoebe (---) Roloson -- see hand written note below)


Peeter (sic) Roloson marid (sic) to Rachel
Dennis June 26th 1803 of our lord
Mercy Roloson marid January 26th in the year
of our lord 1822 to John S. (or P.) Cole
Eliza Roloson marid to Jessy Carpent[er?] Junr April 3rd 1823


Thomas N. Roloson Feb 25 1882
Alfred C. Roloson died Dec 17th 1860

Found on a hand written note in the Bible:

Alfred C. Roloson born May 16th 1856 Died Dec 17th 1860 son Thomas N. & Phoebe

Roloson Stone is 2ft 6 inch high 15 in wide

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