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Northrup Family Bible
by Dan Burrows

Northrup Family Bible
         The following abstract was made by Daniel H. Burrows of Otisville, NY on 26 May 1996 from a Bible that was purchased at a garage sale from the Ferguson family of Greenville. All bible entries are verbatim.  Information from clippings was edited.

Found in a Northrup Family of Mt. Salem Bible measuring about 7 by 11 inches with no indication as to the date of publication:


James R. Northrup married Jan the 16 1841 (no indication to whom but see his obituary listed below)

Aug 10, 1816 J. Wintermute, Minister married
Thomas Northrup and Lydia Doyle both of Wantage


James R. Northrup borne November 12 1820

Catharine Northrup borne January 7 1821 (No doubt the wife of James since birth dates are 2 months apart see obituary below)

Charles  (P. ?) Northrup borne April 3 1842

John Northrup borne September the 10 1844

Lida Northrup borne May the 14 1847

Hanna Northrup borne January 20 1850

Floyd Northrup borne June 28 1852

Alice Northrup borne February the 2 1855

Edmond Northrup borne May 6 1857

Lillie Northrup borne July the 8 1861

Fred Northrup borne Oct the 25 1866 


Lida Northrup died January the 17 1851

John Northrup died January the 30 1851

Hanna Northrup died July the 17 1851

Edmond Northrup died Oct the 22 1867

Fred Northrup died Feb the 9 1868

Alice Northrup Nov 16 1939

Lillie Northrup died July 22nd 1874

Thomas Northrup died Feb 15 1875

Floyd Northrup dide December 10 1875

Liday Northrup died Sept 14 1882

Charles Northrup dide Marsh (sic) 18 1889

Cathrin Northrup dide April 10 1897 (written over 1887 ? see James' obituary below)

James R. Northrup dide February 22 1903

Moses Cramer, for many years a member of the Northrup family died May 6 1923

Also found on a hand written note in the Bible:

Lydia Northrip (sic) born August 25 1793 died Sept 14th 1882 age 89 years and 20 days

James R. Northrup died February 22 1903

The following information is taken from clippings found in the Bible:

Obituary of James R. Northrup born Nov. 12, 1820 son of Thomas & Lydia (Doyles) Northrup married January 16, 1841 Catherine Middaugh who died April 10, 1897. Survived by a sister Mrs. Coe VanSickle of West Pittston, PA and one daughter Alice Northrup and a grandson Frederick Northrup.

Article of Sept 11, 1925 states home of late James Northrup recently sold to Charles Cortright.

Article states Floyd Northrup accidentally shot himself and died aged 23.

A clipping with marriage of Frederick Northrup of Newburgh grandson of James R. Northrup marriage to Lillian A. Shumaker of  Goshen daughter of  Mr. & Mrs. Moses V. Shumaker

Lillie Northrup died of diptheria age 13.

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