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Woolsey Family Bible
by Dan Burrows

Woolsey Family Bible
The following abstract was made by Daniel H. Burrows of Otisville, NY on 9 June 1996 from a Bible that was purchased by Helen M. Benjamin many years ago. All bible entries are verbatim.

Found in a Woolsey Family Bible measuring about 8 1/2 by 11 inches with no date of publication, however a date of Sep 2 1817 is written in a margin and it appears all the births recorded before that date were entered at the same time whiles those afterwards are in a different hand:


James Woolsey born 22 Oct 1776
Abigail Woolsey born 19 Oct 1779
Levi Woolsey Dodge x error 1800
Levi D. Woolsey born 28 Jan 1800
Noah Woolsey born 18 July 1801
James Woolsey born 19 March 1803
Richard Woolsey born Jan 15 - 1805
Wm. Woolsey born 20 Sept 1806
Mary Ann Woolsey born 27 Aug 1807
Nathan   F. Woolsey born 20 Sept 1809
Joseph P. Woolsey born 20 Oct 1811
John W. Woolsey born 30 July 1813
Elisa Jane Woolsey born 4 Oct 1815
Abigail Woolsey born Oct 3d 1812'
James Woolsey was born Aug   12 1821
Catharine M. Woolsey born 28 May 1823
Willie R. Woolsey was born Jun --- 1871
J.P. and C.M. Woolsey's Family
Ophelia Woolsey was born January the 19 1840
Charles A. Woolsey was born March the 14 1843
Edna Woolsey was born January 24th 1847
William F. Woolsey was born Febuary (sic) 27 1849
Alice Woolsey was born November 27 1852
George E. Woolsey was borned August 27 1855
Catharine M. Hulse was born Sep 3 th 1817
Harvey C. Everett borne Sep 26 1859
Kate Louise Everitt was born April 12th 1861
Lillie Ophelia   Everett was born Sept 3rd (crossed out and 4th written) 1868
[The last 3] Children of T.N. and Ophelia Everett


Jane Woolsey Deceas. 18 Dec 1805
Wm. Woolsey Deceas 19 Nov 1806
Abigail Woolsey died June 11 1820
James Woolsey died Sept 1 th 1821
Mary Ann Woolsey died April 11 1835
Catherine M Hulse Woolsey wife of J.P. Woolsey died Dec 26th 1871 aged 54 years 3m 21 days

Ophelia Woolsey, wife of Thomas N. Everett,  daughter of J.P. and Catherine Woolsey died Dec 26th 1881 aged 41 years 11 months 7 days

Joseph P. Woolsey died Feb 11th 1866 aged 74 years 3m 22 days
Abigail Woolsey died 25th January 1847 aged 67 years 3 months & 6 days

Catherine M. Woolsey died August 27th 1848 aged 25 years 3 months
James Woolsey died 1857
Eliza Jane Woolsey died March 12th 1877 aged 61 years 6 months & 8 days

Children of J.P. & C.M.H. Woolsey

Ophelia Woolsey Everett died Dec 26 1881 aged 41 yrs11  m 7 days
190 (Sic) February Chas. A. Woolsey
June 22 1913   William F. Woolsey aged 64 years 3 m 22 days
Edna Woolsey died March 11th 1915 68 years 1 month & 15 days
Alice Woolsey died Sep 8th 1928 (in Brooklyn) aged 75 years 10   months 12 days buried Sep 10 at Washingtonville


Joseph P. Woolsey and Catherine M. Hulse Married May 10th 1838
Thomas H. Everett and Ophelia Woolsey Married Dec 24th 1858
James Woolsey & Abigail Lockwood married Feb 16 1799
Noah Woolsey & Deborah Might married [the rest is faded away if it was ever written, though 1837 (Noah born 1801 as per list of births above) seems to be written very lightly in pencil?]
Levi D. Woolsey & Margaret Carter married May 14th 1832
Richard Woolsey & Mary Ann Wheeler married [no date given]
Joseph P. Woolsey and Catharine M. Hulse married 10th May 1838
Nathan F. Woolsey [No other information given]
John W. Woolsey & Jane C. Wood married 15th May 1842

On a hand written note in the Bible, the following was written (no corrections made):

Geo E. Woolsey on Dec 10 1912 fell while painting a barn the lader blew over   he fell 30 feet breaking his right leg and crushing the knee   taken to hospital they had to ampitate the leg near the body   was in hospital 7 weeks.    in 1913 he got an artificial leg

On another hand written note the following births recorded (see above under Everett):

Born -- Year
Sept 26    59     Harvey
April 12    61    Louise
Sep 3rd    68    Lillie

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