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Early Marriage Records of the
First Presbyterian Church at Goshen

The following is a listing of some of the early marriages recorded at the First Presbyterian Church of Goshen. The list was compiled by Charles C. Coleman of Goshen, New York.   The index was published by the The Democrat Printing Co., Goshen, NY.  The introduction page by  Charles C. Coleman is dated March 1, 1933. 
Record of Marriages - 1776
Date Groom Bride Remark
10/29/1776 Marvin, Elihu Youngs, Esther
10/29/1776 Racket, Samuel Youngs, Rhoda
11/12/1776 Everett, James Waters, Hannah
11/18/1776 Allison, Henry Jackson, Hannah
Record of Marriages - 1777
Date Groom Bride Remark
01/12/1777 Carpenter, James Wells, Mary
01/26/1777 Carpenter, Moses Smith, Hannah
01/26/1777 Jackson, Hamilton Dains, Abigail
01/30/1777 Little, James Youngs, Phebe
02/13/1777 Burns, Francis McBride, Mary
02/13/1777 Roads, John Green, Elizabeth
02/16/1777 Babcock, James Decker, Temperance
02/17/1777 Finch, Solomon Duning, Deborah
02/20/1777 Vail, Asa Smith, Sarah
03/02/1777 Carpenter, Wm Vail, Hannah
03/09/1777 Horton, Silas Dains, Mary
03/15/1777 Carpenter, Samuel Smith, Sarah
03/23/1777 Springsteen, Christopher Cortwright, Susanna
03/25/1777 Beekman, John Gale, Christian
04/03/1777 Wilson, Andrew Cooly, Unice
04/24/1777 Horn, Danniel Seewright, Elizabeth
05/04/1777 Knap, Jabez Holly, Hannah
06/30/1777 Smith, Israel Bourlen, Tabitha
07/13/1777 Foster, Albert Coleman, Abigail
07/14/1777 Bodel, Alexander Vantyle, Charity
07/17/1777 Arnout, Peter Knap, Mary
07/22/1777 Smith, Samuel Web, Abigail
08/17/1777 Wickham, Matthew Horton, Anna
09/08/1777 Simonton, John Ryan, Ruth
09/15/1777 Allison, Richard Case, Amy
09/26/1777 Reeves, Nathan Shepard, Mary
09/28/1777 Wickham, Isreal Knap, Abigail
11/05/1777 Rumsey, Daniel Cooly, Mary
11/16/1777 Thomson, Jonathan Thomson, Hannah
11/18/1777 Jesup, Jeremiah Gale, Hannah
12/02/1777 De Frees, Daniel Rise, Sevier
12/25/1777 Shepard, Daniel Burr, Cloe
12/28/1777 Carpenter, Michael Smith, Dolle
12/31/1777 Green, John Brockway, Cloe
Record of Marriages - 1778
Date Groom Bride Remark
01/03/1778 Goble, Benjamin Beetman, Elizabeth
01/18/1778 Owen, Nathaniel Darby, Nancy
02/09/1778 Little, Archibd Horton, Susanah
02/26/1778 McBride, John Hill, Martha
03/05/1778 Clark, Elias Cole, Hittye

Kimble, Peter Clark, Elizabeth This marriage does not indicate a date. The marriage is recorded between other marriages dated between 03/05/1778 and 03/11/1778.

Reed, John Rogers, Recah This marriage does not indicate a date. The marriage is recorded between other marriages dated between 03/05/1778 and 03/11/1778.
03/11/1778 Hulse, Joseph Williams, Margarett
03/17/1778 Slott, John Drake, Ruth
03/24/1778 Cooly, William Hopkins, Elizabeth
04/02/1778 Sealy, Thaddeus Sealy, Joannah
04/08/1778 Hill, Peter Trimble, Isable
04/16/1778 Willkin, John Weller, Hannah
04/18/1778 Williams, Thomas Higgins, Catharine
04/25/1778 Stephenson, William Cluff, Aulle
05/07/1778 Sam Elias, Cathy Sam is identified as a Negro of Mr. William Thompson. 
Caty Elias is identified as a free woman.
05/14/1778 More, James Newkirk, Charity
05/20/1778 McConnely, Duncan Whitaker, Mary
06/14/1778 Arnout, Jacob Weily, Millecent
06/22/1778 Mace, Gideon Ridman, Catharine
06/30/1778 Hulse, Jacob Vantassel, Rhebeckah The date of this marriage is listed as 06/31/1999. 
07/21/1778 Lynch, David Knight, Catharine
08/02/1778 Cochron, Robert Clarewater, Charity
08/13/1778 Caesar Suk Caesar is identified as a Negro of Michael Jacson's, Esq. 
Suk is identified as a wrench of Mr. Peter Townsend's.
09/10/1778 Forguson, James McCurdy, Lydia
09/10/1778 Huff, Abraham Spreag, Milly
09/26/1778 Pet Dina Pet is identified as a Negro of Henry Wisner's Esqr. 
Dina is identified as a woman of of John Everetts.
10/13/1778 Holly, Silas Holly, Hester
10/17/1778 Cyrus Dine Cyrus is identified as a Negro. 
Dine is identified as a woman of Mr. Daniel Everett's.
10/19/1778 Hubard, Joshua Strong, Catherine
11/08/1778 Jackson, Daniel McCoun, Elizabeth
11/12/1778 Corey, Isaac Deans, Tabitha
11/12/1778 Moffatt, Samuel Wilkins, Sarah
11/30/1778 Parshill, Samuel Megee, Sarah
12/03/1778 Rogers, Solomon Humphry, Ann
12/17/1778 McNish, Clark Davies, Elizabeth
12/20/1778 More, Samuel Bartlet, Mary
12/27/1778 Dunning, Isaac Foster, Mary

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