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Subject Remarks
Potter's Field Cemetery Potter's Field Cemetery, Goshen, NY
Brick Reform Church Brick Reform Church, Montgomery, NY
Calvary Presbyterian Church Calvary Presbyterian Church, Newburgh, NY
Cornwall Presbyterian Church Cornwall Presbyterian Church, Cornwall, NY
Cornwall United Methodist Churh Cornwall United Methodist Church, Cornwall, NY
Goodwill Evangelical Presbyterian Church Goodwill Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Montgomery, NY.
Hamptonburg Presbyterian Church Hamptonburg Presbyterian Church, Hamptonburg, NY
Lutheran Church The Lutheran Church of Newburgh, NY
New Hope Baptist Church New Hope Baptist Church, Newburgh, NY
Scotchtown Presbyterian Church Scotchtown Presbyterian Church
Solid Rock Church of God Solid Rock Church of God, New Windsor, NY
St. George Church St. George Church, Newburgh, NY
St. John's Espicopal Church St. John's Espicopal Church, Cornwall, NY
United Methodist Church United Methodist Church, Moutainville, NY
Clark, William Portrait photograph of William Clark (b ca.1804)
Hudson, Oscar Photograph of Oscar Hudson (of Blooming Grove, NY). Worked for D & H Canal & Railroad & was involved with those who brought the first locomotive from England.
Niles, Charlotte A. Photograph of Charlotte A. NILES of Lebanon, New York which was taken at the Hyatt & Tooke Studio in Cortland, NY. The photograph appears to have been a graduation photo taken in 1892 when she graduated from the Cortland Normal School. In addition to her maiden name someone has noted her married name on the back of the photograph in pencil, Mrs. Jay POWELL.
Timbrell, H. M. Photograph of Mr. H.S. TIMBRELL taken at the Mills Studio at 9 W. Main Street, Middletown, New York. The photograph was probably taken sometime in the 1890's and Mr. TIMBRELL appears to be in his 50's at the time.
Highland Falls Engine Company Early photograph of the Highland Fire Engine Company
Newburgh Firemen Early group photograph of Newburgh Firemen
Newburgh Firemen Five individual photographs of Newburgh Firemen
Edmonston House The Edmonston House was built in 1755 by William Edmonston. The Edmonston House was used as a headquaters by Generals St. Clair and Gates between 1782-1783 and as a medical staff headquarters during the army encampments at New Windsor, NY.
Edmonston House Interior photograph of the Edmonston House.
Newburgh City Hall City Hall, Newburgh, NY
Washington Headquarters Old historical post card photo of Washington Heaquarters, Newburgh, NY.
Young-Welling House The Young-Welling House birth site of Dr. Thomas Young who as an associate of Samuel Adams led the disguised Indians at the Boston Tea Party. This house was erected later in 1764 by John Welling.
Washington's HQ at New Windsor Painting showing General George Washington Headquaters in New Windsor, NY.
Cornwall High School, Class of 1948-49 Photograph of Cornwall High School Class of 1948-1949.

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