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Early Marriages
N.W. Presbyterian Church

The following is a list of early marriages at N. W. Presbyterian Church. The list is provided by Glenn Marshall, Historian for the Town of New Windsor, and is provided here by him for the research benefit of our readers.
Sorted by Groom
Groom Bride Date
Andrews, Ira Logan, Sally 10/29/1808
Armit, William Liscomb, Mary 03/29/1810
Arthur, John Ellison, Charles 05/17/1806
Barton, Henry Coleman, Mary Jane 12/14/1803
Brewster, Richard Moores, Anna 11/30/1807
Buckingham, John Havens, Sary 07/13/1802
Byal, Timothy Crans, Christian 12/14/1803
Carnagham, Alexander McConnell, Elizabeth 04/02/1803
Carr, Tiddeman Doxy, Jane 04/07/1810
Clark, James Clark, Esther 03/11/1802
Coffee, Edward Brown, Anna 02/08/1808
Conklin, David Roe, Anna 12/15/1808
Darby, Isaac Vance, Catharine 11/04/1798
Decker, James Lee, Rebecca 10/01/1808
Deniston, Alexander Morrell, Fanny 01/13/1810
Denniston, Gilbert Wheeler, Sarah 01/21/1808
Denton, Thomas Marvin, Esther 02/15/1806
Doughty, Samuel Nelson, Elizabeth 03/01/1802
Drake, Jacob Williams, Mary 10/22/1798
Floyd, Samuel Ellison, Elizabeth 03/11/1802
Havens, Braddock Powell, Betsey 03/13/1808
Havens, David Aldridge, Elizabeth 01/18/1803
Howe, William Mills, Betsey 01/20/1810
Hunter, Jesse Brown, Margaret 01/17/1809
Isaacs, Isaac Denniston, Fanny 03/12/1808
Logan, James Rodgers, Mary 01/09/1800
Logan, Samuel M. Haleck, Julia 01/18/1803
Mains, John Woods, Sally 02/01/1810
McDowel, Isaac Hamilton, Mary 01/24/1809
McDowel, Matthew Chandler, Phebe 12/29/1808
Miller, John Blackburn Ellison, Margaret 03/11/1802
Morris, Charles Brown, Abigail 08/09/1803
Mulford, John Handmore, Sarah 02/05/1801
Nelson, John Curtis, Nancy 04/01/1809
Nichol, John Williams, Ann 10/29/1802
Nichol, John D. Woodhull, Elizabeth 01/28/1802
Preston, Stephen Wright, Mary 11/23/1809
Ridway, Aden Doxey, Martha 11/25/1808
Smith, James Vail, Hannah 09/27/1807
Smith, Obediah Coleman, Betsey 05/29/1806
Stiles, John Sayer, Ealsea 02/26/1808
Stokes, Archibald Sayre, Betsey 09/02/1809
Sutten, John Crans, Betrag 12/17/1802
Tears, John Nelson, Nancy 04/20/1808
Tharp, William Reynolds, Mary 02/22/1801
Thorn, Daniel Schultz, Debby 10/08/1807
Tobias, Isaac Latin, Letitia 08/28/1802
Walsh, John Logan, Abigail 07/01/1802
Walsh, William Morrell, Mary 12/16/1802

Sorted by Bride
Bride Groom Date
Aldridge, Elizabeth Havens, David 01/18/1803
Brown, Abigail Morris, Charles 08/09/1803
Brown, Anna Coffee, Edward 02/08/1808
Brown, Margaret Hunter, Jesse 01/17/1809
Chandler, Phebe McDowel, Matthew 12/29/1808
Clark, Esther Clark, James 03/11/1802
Coleman, Betsey Smith, Obediah 05/29/1806
Coleman, Mary Jane Barton, Henry 12/14/1803
Crans, Betrag Sutten, John 12/17/1802
Crans, Christian Byal, Timothy 12/14/1803
Curtis, Nancy Nelson, John 04/01/1809
Denniston, Fanny Isaacs, Isaac 03/12/1808
Doxey, Martha Ridway, Aden 11/25/1808
Doxy, Jane Carr, Tiddeman 04/07/1810
Ellison, Charles Arthur, John 05/17/1806
Ellison, Elizabeth Floyd, Samuel 03/11/1802
Ellison, Margaret Miller, John Blackburn 03/11/1802
Haleck, Julia Logan, Samuel M. 01/18/1803
Hamilton, Mary McDowel, Isaac 01/24/1809
Handmore, Sarah Mulford, John 02/05/1801
Havens, Sary Buckingham, John 07/13/1802
Latin, Letitia Tobias, Isaac 08/28/1802
Lee, Rebecca Decker, James 10/01/1808
Liscomb, Mary Armit, William 03/29/1810
Logan, Abigail Walsh, John 07/01/1802
Logan, Sally Andrews, Ira 10/29/1808
Marvin, Esther Denton, Thomas 02/15/1806
McConnell, Elizabeth Carnagham, Alexander 04/02/1803
Mills, Betsey Howe, William 01/20/1810
Moores, Anna Brewster, Richard 11/30/1807
Morrell, Fanny Deniston, Alexander 01/13/1810
Morrell, Mary Walsh, William 12/16/1802
Nelson, Elizabeth Doughty, Samuel 03/01/1802
Nelson, Nancy Tears, John 04/20/1808
Powell, Betsey Havens, Braddock 03/13/1808
Reynolds, Mary Tharp, William 02/22/1801
Rodgers, Mary Logan, James 01/09/1800
Roe, Anna Conklin, David 12/15/1808
Sayer, Ealsea Stiles, John 02/26/1808
Sayre, Betsey Stokes, Archibald 09/02/1809
Schultz, Debby Thorn, Daniel 10/08/1807
Vail, Hannah Smith, James 09/27/1807
Vance, Catharine Darby, Isaac 11/04/1798
Wheeler, Sarah Denniston, Gilbert 01/21/1808
Williams, Ann Nichol, John 10/29/1802
Williams, Mary Drake, Jacob 10/22/1798
Woodhull, Elizabeth Nichol, John D. 01/28/1802
Woods, Sally Mains, John 02/01/1810
Wright, Mary Preston, Stephen 11/23/1809
Orange County NYGenWeb would like to extend it thanks to Glenn Marshall, Town of New Windsor Historian, for sharing the above information with our readers.

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